At the weekend

This weekend the weather will be great! Looking forward to it!



Good morning!

Another day….the weather is good. We’re lucky here, not too much water. In the south they had to deal with a lot of rainfall. Our garden looks lovely and I’d like to stay is that way. Well, now I’ve got ot go to work. Ther is still a lot to do before the summer holidays.

Bye bye

Thans for reading this …..not much…hahaha

Time flies by….fast

imageAnd another year passed by……what happened? Well, I guess I lived…..I worked, ran, talked,ate, slept……and so on…I did so much, but I didn’t seem to be able to post a few words. Terrible, when I think of it. And now, when I have a few moments to spare I am at al loss for words. What am I to write about? What did I do today?j

I met up with a friend, we went shopping, bought all sorts of useless things, had lunch in a cafe, cycled home in the rain and cooked diner.

oh yeah, I made a Barbie outfit…brilliant day….right?

A different world

Today we are going to visit a school in an other part of the country, where they teach in a completely different way. I assume there will be kids aand books and all that…..I hope… Next school year we intend to take our teaching to the next level, an upgrade. We are a traditional school and believe we need to try something ‘ fresh’ . Let’s see what today brings.
Unfortunately I’ll have to skip my training ( running).
Busy times in schools…..